“Pull people up. Help them rise. For if we are in a position of power, we are obligated to society to do so. Someday, it will help us stitch a better future.”

Literally, the word ‘kapaas’ translates to a ‘cotton seed.’ Based in Calcutta, we are naturally drawn to products which have a story to tell. We believe, behind every piece, lies a story. That of a weaver, a designer, a city, a state and a country.

A country which never fails to dazzle us. We follow a simple policy of hand-work and try to use minimal machine work. Our clients motivate us to keep making an impact and constantly evolving. Our team in Bengal consists of women who work only until natural day light allows them to. We believe in the basics. No matter where we reach, we will always go back to day one. For it is where our roots are. It is our humble ground. We thank all of you for your unconditional support and love for us over the years. You know who you are. This dialogue and our journey would be incomplete without thanking our team, our weavers and our tailors. “There is no point overlooking a weaver or a tailor. A captain without her team, never made a skilled sailor.” We sincerely hope that you have a pleasant experience shopping on our website; just like you have had offline so far.


"The only thing I wanted to control for my wedding festivities was what I was wearing. Not because I didn't trust my mom's taste, but because I wanted to make a statement. I wanted to be unique. I wanted something that was me. Ethnic, handcrafted, traditional, authentic and classy. When I met the team from Kapaas Kolkata, they got me. They knew what I wanted. And my wedding lehenga was exactly what I had pictured. The perfect combination of traditional indian handicraft with elegant design."

Avantika Jalan
Owner, Mana Organics, Kolkata.

"I have been a fan of your work for some time and waiting for the day when you start men's wear, please do consider. Being a part of this industry I know how carefully the Kapaas Kolkata team has been curating beautiful indian textiles and introducing various local craft on their produce. In my local language, the names of the two designers translate to Sky and Blue, which metaphorically says that the blue sky is the limit for your growth. You guys are doing better than you think you are, I am very proud of you, keep going, you've got this. Thank you for letting me be a part of your awe inspiring textile journey. Wishing you the best always."

Ravi Kiran
Owner, Metaphor Racha, Bangalore.

"Today, Weavers Studio is proud to be associated with Kapaas Kolkata, professionally. We have been successfully stocking, promoting and selling their creations since the past few years. The collaboration has been a win - win for both sides and I wish the website all the success."

Darshan Shah
Owner, Weavers Studio, Kolkata

Our Artisans