"Hard work pays off." This is an old and gold proverb which I feel goes synonymous with the team of Kapaas Kolkata. The brand Kapaas Kolkata has walked through a journey full of dedication and hard work of entrepreneurs. They have gone undermines to bring in and promote the fine cloth known as "Kapaas," for its clientele; who know and have a fine understanding of the detailing that goes in its making one single piece .Finally, I take this opportunity to congratulate the designers on the event of your website launch!

Vatan Surana

Anantam and Kapaas Kolkata go back 6 years. It was during one of my visits to Calcutta that I heard about them and picked up a few Sarees to stock with us here in Gurgaon. Needless to say, our accord with them has gone beyond work and the relation we share with the team has been mutually beneficial. Their stoles and handloom sarees are a winner at our store. I wish you guys the best!

Namrata Gupta

Kapaas is as soothing as its name. It speaks of home. The aesthetics, the art, the craft and the stories involved in making things of the heart is synonymous to them. No-frilled comfort, intricate hand crafted clothing and the comfort of wearing something unusual to brighten your day... that is Kapaas Kolkata. Their mix and match of colours, craft and clothing sets them apart. Long before 'sustainable fashion' became the talk of the day, Kapaas became a torch bearer. I wish them all the best in their fabric stories and the website.

Parama Ghosh

Kapaas Kolkata focuses on the small details that make its products look exceptionally beautiful and prepossessing. Every product has a story to tell, every product has a rapturous magic to awe- inspire you. I have been using their stoles and dupatta for the last couple of years and they haven't failed to surprise me.

Megha Saraogi

I have been using Kapaas Kolkata's unstitched kurtas since the last 5-6 years. I like the fact that their products are so light weight and the value addition done on them are so quirky. I have also had the opportunity to work with them professionally and it was a pleasant experience. I wish the team - both old and young, the very best for their website.

Kamla Almal Poddar

"For someone who loves to flaunt my own style, Kapaas Kolkata is my GO to place. Their is an air of uniqueness and class in every sari. The joy of wearing the six yard from Kapaas brings a smile to my face, for the last 7 years. I look forward for their collection once a year when they come to Bangalore; the saris with their motifs and panels and the classy combination of blouse is brilliantly beautiful."


"The only thing I wanted to control for my wedding festivities was what I was wearing. Not because I didn't trust my mom's taste, but because I wanted to make a statement. I wanted to be unique. I wanted something that was me. Ethnic, handcrafted, traditional, authentic and classy. When I met the team from Kapaas Kolkata, they got me. They knew what I wanted. And my wedding lehenga was exactly what I had pictured. The perfect combination of traditional indian handicraft with elegant design."

Avantika Jalan

“ I have a soulful connection with Kapaas! Every design, the story it portrays is so carefully and soulfully created and crafted. I never miss an opportunity to wear and flaunt the unique Kapaas 'Kreations!' Wishing them the very best!"

Madhu Mishra

"A mix of tradition, quirkiness and colours in innovative ways- I have always got this from you . You do a wonderful job with your creations. Thank you Kapaas Kolkata."

Priya Alex

"Kapaas Kolkata is a home brand.. wearable, stylish, hand worked and makes one stand apart! Their fabulous kurtas, tastefully done blouses really make them stand out among other designers.I have been associated with Kapaas Kolkata for the past few years and they keep reinventing themselves with every new collection. Happy and proud to be a associated with these 2 wonderful ladies. Wishing them all the luck.God speed."

Hari Priya Ponnudurai & Vidya Senthil